What Does the [I] Subaru Warning Light Mean?

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Today’s cars are equipped with countless systems, sensors, and settings, and the robust in-car display will tell you about all of them through a series of symbols. Often those symbols can be confusing if you’re first seeing them: Some are warnings and some are just indicators that a certain function is engaged.

If you see a warning light on your new Subaru ‘s display that looks like this:

Subaru SI Drive symbols

…it actually isn’t a warning at all. That symbol is just there to tell you that Subaru Intelligent DRIVE, or SI-DRIVE, is engaged in Intelligent Mode.

Subaru SI-DRIVE Indicator Lights

SI-DRIVE is a smart engine management system that helps you minimize your gas usage and emissions. Intelligent Mode works with the Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission to automatically determine the most fuel-efficient throttle and torque characteristics for your current driving conditions. Select Intelligent Mode for tricky driving conditions, like winter weather, or for short around-town trips with lots of stop-and-go.

There are other SI-DRIVE modes that you can select. Sport Mode will produce this symbol on the display:

Subaru SI Drive symbols

Sport Mode still manages the engine for efficiency, but it’ll also afford you bursts of power when you need it, say for merging onto the highway. The engine will respond more rapidly to the gas pedal, making it good for fast driving or driving uphill.

Another mode, Sport Sharp , is represented by this:

Subaru SI Drive symbols

Imagine that as an even-more souped up version of Sport Mode, for even faster acceleration and response.

So if you’re seeing any of these lights, don’t worry. They aren’t warning lights, they’re just telling you what SI-DRIVE mode you have engaged, and reminding you of all the great technology and intelligent performance decisions that went into building your new Subaru. To learn more about warning and indicator lights, check out this warning and indicator light guide from Morrie’s Brooklyn Park Subaru.

Subaru Warning Light Guide