Subaru vehicles are notoriously reliable, and plenty of well-maintained ones are still on the road long after the odometer hits six digits. To keep your Subaru ticking for years to come, it's important that you follow the recommended Subaru maintenance schedule throughout its lifetime: Replacing components that can wear out, keeping up with oil changes, and checking fluids frequently will go a long way.

Check Your Subaru Service Intervals

At Morrie's Brooklyn Park Subaru, the trained and licensed mechanics in our service department are more than happy to help you keep your car running well through the years. And with this handy Subaru service interval tool, you can look up exact recommendations for what you should check or replace next based on its year, model, and mileage. Just fill in the necessary info and you'll get a detailed rundown of what Subaru recommends.

Once you know your Subaru maintenance schedule and what your vehicle needs next, don't hesitate to schedule service online at our Brooklyn Park Subaru dealer, conveniently located near Minneapolis. Whether it's a regular oil change or some big mechanical work, we're here to make life easy for you, and to make sure your Subaru keeps getting you where you need to go for many more miles. And be sure to check out our great Subaru service specials to save even more money on your visit!